Custom Wall Décor Waterloo, IL


Thank you for visiting Sawdust & Glitter. We are a local DIY studio where we help guide you into making the perfect tumblers, custom wall décor, and more! We are based out of Belleville, Illinois and can reach and assist DIY designers in Waterloo, Illinois!If you are ready to get your hands dirty and want to create lasting memories, come on down to our studio. We will be happy to have you!  You don’t need to be an amazing artist to come and enjoy all the vinyl, glitter and snacks at one of our tumbler parties. So, what are you waiting for? Stop by our studio to get started or sign up below to host a tumbler party of your own!

About Us

At Sawdust & Glitter, you can create anything that you imagine. We take those imaginations and make them reality. With a little guidance, anyone can be a designer. Come and visit us or sign up to host a party! At our studio you have the option to make custom tumblers, handmade signs, t-shirts and more!

We Love It

There is a reason this hobby became our business… we absolutely love it, and so do our customers.What started as a family hobby has turned into a business that brings people together. We love watching people bond over creativity at our Tumbler Parties and helping you make those special gifts. Come craft with us! You will love it so much it will have you coming back for every occasion or just for fun. Just take a look at the gorgeous tumblers below! 

Custom Wall Décor Belleville IL

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