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Tumbler Party

Here is how it works!!! Sign up below to Host a party, and invite your friends! Have them sign up using the Attend a Hosted Party below. On the Survey, every guest will fill out what size cup they will make. I can help pick colors, and I teach how to do every step. 

All cups will be provided upon arrival (Sorry, no outside cups allowed). I have lots of glitter colors to choose from, and I can teach how to make a wood grain style cup.  Everyone will be able to glitter or decorate however they choose, with help! I also have my computer, to help show various decals you can add onto the cup. After the tumblers are all glittered, you are done! We will keep the tumbler and over the next two weeks, the Tumbler will have an epoxy finish. In that time, we will add a decal if you choose and epoxy them again. 

Feel free for you and your guests to bring your own food and drink, including beer and wine, to the party, and have fun!! Book now below!! We are located on Main St. in Belleville, just minutes from St. Louis and O'Fallon!