About Us

Our Products

The scope of our products lie within your imagination. We make handmade items for you and your house customized to your needs. We will also host your DIY projects and tumbler party, and help you bring out the best ideas to get you exactly what you want! 

We specialize in household handmade items for home decor. Choose from any of our pre-made designs, or create a custom design to fit your house. We offer a wide array of designs, colors, and font. We also will host you and your friends to complete DIY projects in studio to create various arts and crafts. 

DIY Parties

We offer in-studio DIY parties for you and your group. Specializing in hosting a custom tumbler party for you and your group, we will help you design and make your own customized tumbler cups. We offer many different types of designs, but again, we are limited to your imagination. We can also add decals on top of your design. All cups are covered in epoxy, to protect your design and decals. We also host DIY projects for you and your group. Located in Belleville, IL, we are close to O'Fallon and just minutes from St. Louis

Our Team

We are a husband and wife team, who began making items out of our house for fun. We grew our business to making signs, shirts, tumbler cups and much much more. We started from our house, and have now been blessed to open a studio in Belleville, to host your Tumbler Party and other DIY projects.


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