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Welcome to Sawdust & Glitter!

This is your one stop-shop for all things DIY. From custom tumblers, handmade signs, shirts, and more! Let your inner designer and DIY artist out at our studio or in your own home!

We have nothing but fun here and is a great place to go for a ladies-night out, birthday parties, holiday get togethers, or family bonding!

Design and make your own Custom Tumblers and other DIY crafts with us, today! Or tomorrow, or the next day! Creating unique décor with the ones you love never goes out of style

Our Products

different sizes of custom tumblers

We are famous for our unique and gorgeous DIY Tumblers. Choose a cup size to get started! 

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Your saying, our products. With custom over-lay and tracing decals your home will be personalized in no time.

Tumbler Parties

Book Your Party Today!

Visit our Tumbler Party page to sign up to host or attend! Once you sign up, your guests will fill out a brief survey detailing what size of cup they will design, and at your party we will discuss colors and our team will guide you through every step!

All cups will be provided and will have tons of glitter and colors to choose from. You are free to design whatever you want with expert help to guide you. We promise you will love the outcome. Each tumbler will be coated in epoxy to seal and protect it, for years to come.

For more information on hosting or booking a tumbler party, give us a call or sign up under our Tumbler Parties tab!

Note: you do not have to decide ahead of time what to put on your tumbler cup. During your tumbler party, you will fill out a decal request form stating what you want on your cup.

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See For Yourself!


specialized tumblers belleville illinois
Tumbler Cup Belleville IL
Custom Tumbler with word DAD on it along with two hammers and picture of a Dog on it
Tumbler Cup Design Belleville IL

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Meet our Team

Husband and wife first, business partners second. We began making items for our home just for fun. We then grew our business by making custom tumblers, signs, shirts and so. much. more. We began in our home and were blessed to be able to open a studio in Belleville, Illinois to host your Tumbler parties and DIY Projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your party, today! Life is sweeter when you get creative.

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tumbler designer belleville illinois

Handmade Signs

You picture it, we design it, you take it home. At Sawdust & Glitter everything lies within your imagination. If you are looking to spruce up your home with funny or personalized signs you cannot find at the store, give us a call. Creating that perfect sign just might be the perfect gift too. Explore some of the handmade décor signs we have helped our customers achieve.

What Our Local DIY Designers Have to Say About Us…

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unique custom tumblers Belleville IL
Custom Tumblers Belleville Illinois
personalized custom tumblers belleville il

If you are ready to let your creativity fly, please give a call or fill out a contact form. Our current business hours are:
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10AM – 2PM
Wednesday 10AM – 2PM
Thursday 10AM – 2PM
Friday 10AM – 2PM
Saturday 10AM – 3PM

Host Parties by Appointment Only.

Come and get your hands dirty, or in this case, glittery, today! We are excited to work with you.

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